When I was six, my grandma from New York came to visit us with a box of oil pastels for me and I can still remember the smell and the buzzy excitement of looking at all those colors lined up waiting for action! 

I love movement, color, nature and soulful interactions.  When I experience these, I tap into profound joy and wisdom.  Painting the essence of how I experience say, a hike along a shore trail or a deep conversation by a rushing river and conveying that through color choices and paint is deeply satisfying. 

When life experiences return back to the studio, some paintings are light and joyful while others are deeper and contemplative, varied like my life, intending to bring depth, beauty and authenticity to the world. Intuition infuses all the creations and that carries over to the viewer and collector. Many have said they feel that expansiveness when living with the pieces. Often a contemplative intention is within the layers as I paint.

The artistic process changes and evolves. It might start with several unplanned layers of thin paint.  Next, I may add charcoal or pastels and as it progresses then more layers of thin and thicker paint to bring out the forms that come forth.  I use a variety of tools - brushes, fingers, scrapers and palette knives.  I allow mistakes and use these to further the process. It's a playful interplay of keen listening to what needs to come forth and allowing the materials to do that. It's best not to over think or over work yet to become fluid with the process. That's when the magic happens.

Through the paintings, I desire to connect with people by offering a deeply nurturing and meaningful experience that enlightens at an emotional level.  If they're wowed, calmed or moved by the painting, as collectors or viewers, I've given a gift and feel gratitude.
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